Four Facts About Magnesium

1. Human life runs on Magnesium

Even though your body can’t make its own magnesium, you still need it for every major bodily function. In fact, with the exception of water and oxygen, magnesium is the single most needed substance in your body!

Think about your heart, brain, nerves, muscles, skin, digestive organs, DNA and more. They all stop working properly without enough magnesium.

2. How to know if you're deficient

Magnesium deficiency now affects over 90% of people to some degree, for several reasons.

First,  environmental stress is at all-time highs, and our stress-response organs use up magnesium. Second, modern farming practices have depleted magnesium in our food supply. Third, standard magnesium blood tests are dangerously misleading. The most accurate ones are often not easily accessible.

3. Symptoms of low magnesium

Because our body needs magnesium for the daily function and maintenance of every body part, symptoms of deficiency have two characteristics:

First, they can show up in any part of your body. Second, the more deficient you are, and the longer you stay deficient, the more severe symptoms can become, in some cases even leading to debilitating diseases.

4. How to restore your magnesium

A complete approach to restoring and maintaining healthy magnesium levels includes 3 areas of attack.

First, reduce your exposure to psychological, environmental and physical stress. (There are also over 100 classes of prescription drugs that deplete magnesium). Second, eat the right magnesium-rich foods and use safe supplements if necessary to initially restore healthy levels. Third: measure your progress with the correct testing if possible.